ZJL series vertical slurry pump

■ Flow Rate:Q=4.6-364(m³/h)
■ Head:H=3.3-58 (m)
■ Motor power:1.1~45kw
■ Product standard: JB/T8096-1998


Introduction of ZJL series vertical slurry pump

ZJL series slurry pump are vertical, centrifugal slurry pumps, designed for handling abrasive and corrosive slurries whilst submerged in sumps or pit. It is used mainly for handling corrosive media, coarse particles and high-density slurries, and are widely used in sewage treatment, metallurgy, mining, mineral processing, dredging, dewatering, water treatment, coal washing, mill, cyclone feed, tailing, power, building materials, and on various industrial sites.


1.Pump- vertical cantilever, single casing, single suction sump pump
2.Impeller- half open impeller design, materials are high chrome alloy or natural rubber, anti-abrasive, wear resistant and corrosion resistance. The gap between impeller and the frame plate can be adjusted to ensure the efficient operation of the pump.
3.Bearing assembly- barrel bearing assembly, high capacity bearing design, and bearing adopts grease lubrication.
4.Shaft seal- no shaft seal.
5.Drive arrangements – direct drive, V-belt drive.