WFZB non sealed automatic self priming pump

■ Flow Rate: 0.75-6850m³/h
■ Head: 5-135m
■ Motor power:0.75-315KW


Introduction of WFZB non sealed automatic self priming pump

WFZB non sealed automatic self priming pump is the first product of the kind domestically with functions of high temperature resistant, high pressure resistant, wearable ,It is widely used in electric, electric power, chemical industry, metallurgy, medicine, food, galvanization, environment protection, fire control, municipal, water purification.

Features of WFZB non sealed automatic self priming pump

1. Adopting the “continuous multi-face centrifugal sealing device for pumps”, in addition to the traditional water pump packing seal, packing seal, mechanical seal, thoroughly subdued the “running, emitting, dripping and leaking”, it is an alternative to various long shaft liquid Ideal equipment such as pumps and submersible pumps.
2. The sealing device does not rub or damage during operation, and its service life is more than 10 times longer than similar products.
3. Transplant the principle of vacuum pump, the self-priming performance is stable and reliable, especially the “electric air control valve” is adopted to achieve “one-time drainage, self-priming for life”.
4. Low vibration, low noise, flexible movement, simple dis-assembly, easy installation, no need for anchoring.
5. With superior automatic control functions, it can be used in conjunction with high-tech fields and highly automated systems.