NSQ best submersible sand dredge slurry pump


Product description 

NSQ submersible dredge pump is hydraulic machinery, the motor and the pump of which are coaxially working submerged in medium . The wetted parts of the pump are made of high chromium wearable alloy , so the pump has good wear resistance and large flowing passage. It is applicable for conveying medium such as sludge, ore slurry, coal slurry, sandstones containing big solid particles. The product is designed and manufactured by domestic -Wonze Pump and oversea advanced technologies. Besides the main impeller, the bottom of the pump is additionally provided with a set of agitation impeller which can spray the deposited sludge into turbulent flow,. The unique mechnical seal device can effectively balance the pressure inside and outside the oil chamber, so as to protect the reliability of the mechanical seal to the maximum extent. The motor adopts various protective measures such as overheat protection, water inlet detecting protection, and can operate safely for a long term in harsh working conditions. 

The pump is mainly for metallurgy,coal mine ,Coal-fired Power Plants,sewage treatment project  pumping sand , silty sand, silt, tailing slurry, ore, iron sand ore, sediment  etc.

Working Principle

 Single screw pump is a inner gearing rotor pump, the main working parts are eccentric screw (rotor) and static bush (stator), because of special geometry shope. Form several single sealed cavity to pump the medium from suction part to discharge part continuously and regularifily.

 Working Condition

1.The power supply is 50Hz/380V three-phase alternating-current. Support OEM Voltage
2.The temperature of the medium cannot exceed 40℃, and the medium does not contain inflammable or explosive gases.
3.The maximum concentration of the solid particles is 30%,max density is not exceed 1200kg/m3.
4.The submerged depth of the unit is not more than 20 meters, and the minimum is submerged the motor
5.The unit works in the medium vertically, and the working status is continuous.

Operation Attention 

1.Pump must be well contact to earth

2.Machine oil must be fill in oil chamber before started.

3.Pls make sure that the motor isulation resistor not less than 50ΜΩ before started.

4.Pls check the motor rotate direction is right before started,it will be clockwise seem from motor side.

5.The cable should keep at released condition,so that cable will be well protect if suffer strong strength.

6.The medium sediment particle should be uniformity that can be flush by high pressure water,no grass,plastic bag,stone,etc.

7.Pls pay attention that don’t let sand collapse and bury the pump

8.The pump efficiency will become lower if the small stone takes more than 5% in medium.

Technical Date

NSQ best submersible sand slurry pump vertical sand dredge pump submersible sludge pump

NSQ best submersible sand slurry pump vertical sand dredge pump submersible sludge pump