ISG IRG series pipeIline pump

■ Flow Rate:Q=1-720(m³/h)
■ Head:H=8-150 (m)
■ Motor power:0.12-110kw
■ Product standard: JB/T53058-93


Introduction of ISG IRG series pipeline pump

ISG is vertical single stage centrifugal electric water pump. It is generally applied to transport pure water or the liquids with physical and chemical properties similar to pure water, and the maximum allowed medium temperature is 80°C, especially suitable for boosting water. IRG series pipeline pump is for hot water .


1.Vertical structure,inlet and outlet are of the same sizes and on the same center line, can be mounted in pipeline, just like a valve does, compact and appealing appearance, small occupation floor, low construction cost, outdoor service if provided with a protection cover.
2.Impeller directly mounted on the extended shaft of motor, short axial dimensions, compact structure, and reasonable confighration of pump and motor bearing to effectivety balance the radial and axial load produced by pump operating, thus to ensure smooth operation, little vibration and low noise.
3.Using of mechanical seal or mechanical seal combination for shaft seal, imported titanium alloy sealing ring, intermediate high temperature resisting mechanical seal, hard alloy material and wear resistant seal, which effectively lengthen the service life of mechanical seal.
4.Easy installation and maintenance, no need to disassemble pipeline system, and all rotor components can be taken out only by taking off the nuts on the union seat of pump.
5.Modes of series and parallel running responding to the flow rate and delivery head required.
6.Vertically and horizontally installed according to the requirements of pipeline arrangement.