WQ、QW submersible sewage pump

■ Flow rate:Q = 7-2650(m³/ h)
■ Head:H = 8-35(m)
■ Moter:0.55-315kw
■ Standard:JB / T8857-2000


Introduction of WQ / QW submersible sewage pump
WQ / QW series submersible sewage pumps have new patented technology and design.
It is specifically designed for construction sites, municipal industries, public services and industrial wastewater treatment. According to needs, the pump can be equipped with various signal sensors to monitor the working status of the pump.
There are two installation methods for the pump: submersible installation and dry installation.
It can continuously put only the impeller into the water and put the entire motor on the water. In any case, this pump works well and is easy to repair

Features of WQ / QW submersible sewage pump
1. Compact structure, easy to move and easy to install;
2. Cyclone and double-flow impellers are especially adopted (the high-head pump adopts centrifugal type), which has strong sewage discharge capacity;
3. The motor adopts hard and corrosion-resistant single-end and double-end ceramic seals, which have good leak-proof effect, and the motor runs more safely and reliably;
4. The use of WQS cooling jacket water injection pumps can make them run above the liquid level for a short time and discharge the surface liquid