TL,TLR serial desulfurization pumps

■ Flow Rate:Q=980-18000(m³/h)
■ Head:H=9.1-70.2 (m)
■ Motor power:200-1250kw

Desulfurization pumps are corrosion-resistant pumps, mainly used for the transportation of corrosive liquids. It is a widely used pump among general equipment pumps. The desulfurization pump is usually a horizontal cantilever single-stage single-suction centrifugal pump, which is specially designed and developed for transporting corrosive media containing fine particles. The flow material of the desulfurization pump is required to be wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant.

TL Desulphurization pump is the new generation high efficiency energy saving product elaborately researched and developed by our company through absorbing the technical specifications of flue gas desulphurization project,aiming at the characteristic of FGD system of transporting medium through pump in thermal power plant.


TL series flue gas desulphurization pump flow parts adopt the advanced flow simulation technology to guarantee reliable design and high operating efficiency.
1) Corrosion resistant and wear resistant metal or rubber materials with long service life
2) Achieve highest efficiency all the time by adjusting the bearing components to alter the impeller position in pump chamber
3) Easy to maintain: can be disassembled without dismantling suction or discharge pipes
4) Tapered roller bearing and two cylindrical roller bearings with oil lubrication, which improved service life.

Desulphurization pump structure

Desulphurization pump structure



The impeller and suction cover of flue gas desulphurization pump are composed of the self developed material duplex stainless white iron, which possesses significant corrosion resistance and wear resistance. Meanwhile, the frame plate, cover plate and splice plates, as pressure parts, are made of ductile cast iron. Besides, we can also use natural rubber as the material of cover plate liner, rear liner and frame plate liner, which has such advantages as light weight, relatively low cost and excellent abrasion performance.


1) Sulfuric acid phosphate fertilizer industry: transportation acid, liquor, sewage, water, fluoride acid containing silica, phosphate slurry and other media.
2) Non-ferrous metal smelting industry: particularly suitable for lead, zinc, gold, silver, copper, manganese, cobalt, rare earth and other various hydrometallurgical acid, corrosive pulp slurry (filter press equipped with) electrolyte , sewage and other media delivery.
3) Chemical and other companies: a variety of sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, alkaline, clear liquid or slurry oils posts. Titanium dioxide, iron Pink production, various dyes, pigments production, non-metallic mineral processing industries.
4) The chlor-alkali industry: hydrochloric acid, caustic electrolyte and so on.
5) Treatment: pure water, high pure water, wastewater (sewage leather, electroplating wastewater, electronics sewage, papermaking sewage, textile sewage, food waste water, sewage, sewage pharmaceutical industry, etc.).
6) Iron and steel enterprises: sulfuric acid system, hydrochloric acid positions, with impurities sewage.
7) Wet \ semidry desulfurization circulation pump: to apply basic, acidic, corrosive positions simultaneously.
8) The coal industry, coal corrosive liquids, coal slurry transportation