CZ sulfuric acid pump

■ Flow Rate: 2~2000m3/h
■ Head: 1~160m
■ Applicable Temperature: -40~170℃
■ Design Pressure:2.5MPa

Introduction of CZ Sulfuric Acid Pump

The CZ chemical acid pump is a centrifugal pump of the horizontal single-stage, single-suction, and cantilevered variety, and is designed as per DIN24256, IS02858, and GB5656.
This series of the acid pump is used primarily in the chemical, petrochemical, coal chemical, paper, pharmaceutical, sugar processing, food, and food processing industries, as well as in refineries, power plants, waste acid treatment facilities, and water supply and drainage, and urban water supply.


1.This series of hydraulic pumps are reliable, stable, and efficient. Their performance satisfies the requirements of international standards.
2.Pump structure is simple, making maintenance convenient.