SiC ceremic slurry pump

■ Flow Rate:Q=50-1800(m³/h)
■ Head:H=24-94 (m)
■ Motor power:11-710kw
■ Material: cast iron, SIC ceramic

Ceremic slurry pump wet end parts have many advantages,such as wear resistance, low weight, corrosion resistance,cavitation resistance and high temperature resistance.
Raw material composition: Ceremic is the key component,the rest are high-strength metal.
It is widely used in mineral processing, coal washing, power plant desulfurization dust, tailings disposal and other wear resistant, corrosion resistant and cavitation resistant working condition.

Ceremic slurry pump features:
1、The ceremic wetted end part is interchangeble with metal wet end part.
2、Its wear-resistant performance is 3-5 times of other wear-resistant alloy.
2、Heat temperature resistance 1700℃.
3、It’s corrosion resistance performance is 3-5 times of metal and rubber material.
4、It’s cavitation resistance performance is several ten times of other alloy and rubber material.
5、As the weight of ceramic parts is only 1/3 of chrome alloy ones, so it is easy to installation and disassembly. When the ceramic impeller starts up, it’s torsional stress is smaller because of less weight, so the shaft would not be easy to be broken, and also less loss for the motor.

Media particle size: less than 10mm(Suggestion installation filter screen at the inlet, mesh diameter 20mm)

Speed: Depends on the size of impeller diameter with 1000-3000 revolutions/minute

Slurry concentration:<35%,Please advance informed if it’s special working condition.


Parts of project list:

Congo Kinshin Mining Copper-cobalt Project have been using our 64 sets of Ceramic slurry pumps

Shengtun Mining – Further expansion of Congo (DRC)

Build 30,000 tons of annual cathode copper project have been using our 59 sets of Ceramic slurry pumps

Congo Kinthomas Project have been using our 44 sets of Ceramic slurry pumps

Ganzhou Tengyuan Cobalt industry Congo Gold TCC  

The third phase of the project  have been using our 26 sets of Ceramic slurry pumps