Pump parts


Slurry pump wet parts includes the volute liner, throat bush, frame plate liner insert, and the impeller.
High-quality materials play an important role in prolonging the service life of an impeller, We use high chrome (A05, 27%) for abrasive slurry or slurry with sharp particles. For corrosive slurries with blunt particles, we recommend natural rubber. We also offer other materials, including A07, A09, A49, PU, and ceramic for different applications, and our cemented carbide and molded elastomer impellers are completely interchangeable.

We are happy to consult with you to recommend the best material such as A05, A07, A49, Ceramic, etc for your varied applications and supply you with qualified spares. All of our pump spares are interchangeable with Warman originals and have the same working life, but we offer a much lower price. We have most of these spares available in our inventory and can deliver within five days after receipt of your purchase order.


Pump Parts Name

001 adjusting screw 003 Base
004 bearing housing 005 Bearing Assembly
008 Bearing Sleeve 009 Bearing
009D Bearing(Drive End) 011 Clamp Washer
012 Clamp Bolt 013 Cover Plate
015 Cover Plate Bolt 016 Cover Plate Liner
018 Cover Plate Liner 023 Screw/Stud
024 End Cover 025 Shim/(Gasket)
026 FPL Insert Stud 027 End Cover Set Screw
028 Expeller 029 Expeller Ring
029R Rubber Expeller Ring 032 Frame Plate
034 Frame Plate Blot 036 Frame Plate Liner
039 Frame Plate Stud 041 FPL Insert (back liner+expeller+volute liner)
044 Gland Assembly 045 Gland Bolt
046 Grease Retainer 060 Intake Joint
061 Labyrinth Locknut 062 Labyrinth
063 Lantern Ring 064 Impeller O-ring
067 Neck Ring 070 Shaft Key
073 Shaft 075 Shaft Sleeve
078 Stuffing Box 079 Stud
083 Throat Bush 085 Cotter
089 Bearing Seal 090 Shaft Seal
108 Piston Ring 109 Shaft O-ring
110 Volute Liner 111 Packing
117 Shaft Spacer 118 Lantern Restrictor
122 Stuffing Box Seal 124 Volute Cover Seal
125 FPL Insert Seal 126 Gland Bolt
132 Discharge Joint 138 Oil Cup Seat
179 Bearing Retainer 217 Impeller O Ring
239 Impeller Disassembly Device 241 Cup Gland


Abrasion Resistant Performance

Rype Material Code Material Description (MPa) ak(J/cm2) HRC Special Performance Application
Abrasion resistant white iron A05 KmTBCr26 ≥700 6-10 ≥56 Anti-erosion performance <A07 with certain corrosion resistance For higher wear condition 5-12 of PH
Abrasion resistant white iron A07 KmTBCr15Mo ≥550 4-8 ≥59 Best anti-erosion performance, corrosion resistance <A04, A05 For higher wear condition
Abrasion resistant white iron A01 KmTBCr8 ≥550 6-8 ≥55 Anti-erision performance≈90% of A05 For mud pump
Abrasion resistant white iron A11 KmTBCrMnMo ≥400 3-6 38-42 Low-grade anti-erosion performance, low hardness, drilling tapping For microscale fine partical & low-grade abrasion working conditions
Anti-wear & anti-corrosive iron A49 ≥600 43-49 Abtu-erosion performance, corrosion stability, in low ph environment, abrasion resistance≈A03 For low-grade PH corrosive environment, expecially suitable fro FGD(PH≥4), Usually used for low acid enviroment
Anti-wear & anti-corrosive iron A33 35 Anti-erosion performance≈A03 corrosion resistance To transport oxidability slurry of PH valve≥1, such as phosphogypsum, HN03, H2SO4, H3PO4, etc.
A22 1200 45 Excellent erosion resistance, higher hardness For dredging pump casing
Anti-wear cast steel A23 700 HB 500-600 Higher hardness and anti-erode To transport higher anti-wear & anti-corrosive working condition, such as parts of dredging pump, clean water pump, sewage pump, certain parts of slurry pump
Anti-wear cast steel A25 HB 300-350 Low hardness, higher abrasion resistance, good weldable performance For light ecrode and wear condition such as transporting aqueous medium of small gravel


Natural rubber Performance

Type Item Description R26 R55
Natural rubber Hardness 41±4 52±3
Natural rubber 300% stretching strength N/Cm2 ≥190 ≥400
Natural rubber Breaking strengh N/Cm2 ≥2000 ≥2200
Natural rubber Elongate break % ≥500 ≥500
Natural rubber Pull apart permanet deformation % ≥30 ≥25
Natural rubber Pull strength:μg/Cm2 ≥40 ≥40