Introduction of Ceramic Slurry Pump Wetted Parts

The ceramic used in the production of pump wetted parts is a high-performance structural ceramic made of silicon carbide and silicon nitride.

It is inorganic non-metallic materials with high strength, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, cavitation resistance, high temperature resistance and other superior performance.

However, this material has some weakness like difficult to be molded and brittle etc. But our company use unique producing process to solve these problems.

We adopt advanced Silicon nitride connected with silicon carbide molding technology but not

traditional grouting or pressing method. The wear-resistant- property of our Si-SiC3n- is 2 or 3 times of high chrome, Cavitation erosion resistance is metal’ s several times. Its Mohs hardness is 8.9 which is only lower than diamond and cubic boron nitride.

Raw material: the main composition is Si3N4-SiC, others are high strength additive.


1.Wear resistance, corrosion resistance cavitation-resistant, high temperature resistance etc

properties are much better than metal.

2.Hardness: Only lower than diamond and cubic boron nitride.

3.Chemical corrosion resistance: Except hydrofluoric acid (HF), it can resist all other strong and weak acid, especially sulfuric acid (H2504), and most of the molten salt, common halogen and alkali at room temperature.

4.Weight:Its weight is only 1/3 of chromium molybdenum steel.It is easy to assemble-disassemble,impeller start,and the shat is not easy to be broken,and less moter loss.